Joint Pain: Think Outside the Box

A longtime patient recently contacted me with an interesting question: "Does Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan help with joint pain? I know we started this formula for hot flashes, but every time I stop taking it, my joint pain slowly creeps back. When I take it, my joint pain goes away." I was very excited about this … Continue reading Joint Pain: Think Outside the Box

The Importance of the Digestive System for Health and Vitality

Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine both stress the importance of the digestive system for health and vitality. When coaching athletes I always emphasize the crucial role the gut plays in both physical and mental performance as well as sports recovery. It’s wonderful to see this research growing and growing! "Some species of gut-dwelling bacteria activate … Continue reading The Importance of the Digestive System for Health and Vitality

Three Points for Hypertension

Hypertension is frequently encountered in the acupuncture clinic and most typically is treated via the conceptual frameworks of heat (excess and deficiency), wind, and qi stagnation / blood stasis. While clinicians must always take into account the unique patterns patients present with, in almost all cases of hypertension, the above-mentioned concepts apply. With that in mind, my … Continue reading Three Points for Hypertension

Holistic Health and the Spiritual Escape Fantasy

I recently joined Isabel Wells on the ReikiCafe podcast for a wide ranging discussion, including touching on the importance of cultivating spiritual, physical, and creative health. "This week, join your ReikiCafe professor, Isabel Wells, as she talks with special guest Craig Williams. Today on the show, Isabel and Craig will be diving in to why … Continue reading Holistic Health and the Spiritual Escape Fantasy

3-Point Prescriptions for Stomach Pain

Acute and chronic stomach discomfort are extremely common in the acupuncture clinic. Fortunately, there are highly effective three-point acupuncture prescriptions that can be easily modified for both acute and chronic gastrointestinal issues manifesting in a variety of pattern presentations. To learn more, CLICK HERE to read my recent feature article in the November 2022 issue of … Continue reading 3-Point Prescriptions for Stomach Pain

Two Cases, Two Herbs

One of my favorite characteristics of both Chinese medicine and acupuncture is their ability to become catalysts for deep, transformational healing. It is not uncommon to see photos in magazines or online featuring a patient covered in 10-15 needles; or a massive wall of bottled herbs used to create a mysterious, complex herbal formula - … Continue reading Two Cases, Two Herbs

Sleep As Medicine – Resting the Heart

A patient recently sent me an article from the The Los Angeles Times concerning issues with "long COVID." The article essentially discusses the importance of rest and sleep while recovering from viral infection. My patient handed me the article and said, "This is exactly what you always say! Sleep is medicine!" I was happy to … Continue reading Sleep As Medicine – Resting the Heart

The Toxins of Constant Worry and Fear

There is so much fear and apocalyptic doom being consumed via the constant stream of 24-hour news. In many ways it is like a cancer slowly metastasizing throughout the nervous system. I often term this the “Virus of Modernity.” It is extremely important to remove the toxins of constant worry and fear from the mind. … Continue reading The Toxins of Constant Worry and Fear

Three Favorite Summer Formulas

Summer is a busy season for many patients: holiday trips, outdoor parties and less-structured daily routines. These common characteristics of summertime often lead to predictable health imbalances which, if prepared for, can be easily remedied. While the heat of summer can be a catalyst for a wide array of heat-related issues, as I've discussed in … Continue reading Three Favorite Summer Formulas

Surviving Summer: Acupoint Combinations

In my last column, I discussed important ideas related to treating and managing the clinical challenge of heat with herbal medicines, specifically heat damaging yin, congealing blood, and transforming into damp heat. This clinical concept also applies to acupuncture point combinations, which can be used along with herbal medicines or in isolation to target these key … Continue reading Surviving Summer: Acupoint Combinations